Mommy Nearest: SF Rec and Park Summer Camps Registration Starts Saturday

Camp Assistant American Sign Language Camp

By Sunny Chanel

You’d better prepare yourself for Saturday, March 21. That is, if you plan on sending your children to one of San Francisco Recreation and Parks’ extremely popular summer camps. Make sure you’re stocked up on coffee, your WiFi is in good working order, you have something to preoccupy the kids with while you book their camps and that you have patience, lots and lots of patience.

The popular camps often book up very quickly (the website has even been known to become overwhelmed with requests), so make sure you sit down in front of the computer on Saturday morning with a game plan, a familiarity with all the offerings, and a calendar. They do offer a handy “Parent Planner” so you can organize all your choices beforehand. If you’d prefer to book in person, head to McLaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park (from 9am to 3pm), or to one of 12 neighborhood registration sites.

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