Mission Playground Tree Update

On Monday, August 8th, 2011, a tree fell at the Mission Playground construction site. No one was injured with only minor property damage. An independent tree assessment was conducted prior to the construction, two trees were already identified unsafe and removed.
Later, the Recreation and Park Department’s arborist arrived at the scene of the incident, and further evaluated the construction site. The arborist concluded that the two remaining Ficus trees located near the fallen tree, posed a similar hazard and were therefore removed to ensure public safety.

The Recreation and Park Department is currently planning to replace the removed trees as part of the renovation project. Moreover, the original renovation project has planned for a total of 25 additional new trees to be planted at the site.

Contact Meghan Tiernan, Mission Playground Project Manager, if you have any questions or concerns at 415-581-2557 or Meghan.Tiernan@sfgov.org.