Mission Dolores Park – Upcoming Construction Alert

Dolores O&M building under slab

The Mission Dolores Park contractor will start construction early this Thursday morning, July 10th. Alten Construction will be pouring the concrete foundation for the Operations & Maintenance building near the corner of 18th and Church Streets. The concrete pour will start at 4:00 am and end at 3:00 pm. There will be warning beeps from concrete trucks and lights facing the work area (away from neighbors).

This is the first and only time the contractor will be working early on this project!

The reason for the timing is to minimize traffic impacts on the surrounding areas and to ensure safety during the work being performed. The contractor will do everything possible to minimize the noise impact.

If you have questions prior to the start of this work (prior to Thursday 4am), contact:

  • Jacob Gilchrist, Rec & Park Project Manager, 415-581-2561
  • Stacy Barton, Superintendent for Alten Construction,  415-565-7153

If you have questions during this work (Thursday 4am – 3pm), contact:

  • Peter Dickinson, Project Engineer for Alten Construction, 415-525-2984