Mission Dolores Park – Palm Tree Transplant

Dolores Park - palm tree root ball excavtion

If you were at the park last week, you may have witnessed another amazing construction moment – the transplanting of 2 mature palm trees. Here’s how they did it:

Step 1: The crew, led by palm experts, tie up the palm tree fronds & excavate the root ball:

Dolores Park - palm tree root ball excavtion Step 2: the palm tree is placed just outside it’s original home & the tree pit is filled in immediately:Dolores Park - old palm tree pit being filled

Step 3:  the palm tree is then craned to its new location at the top of the 19th Street Liberty Bell Plaza:Dolores Park - Palm Tree being craned to new location

Step 4:  And finally, the palm tree is gently placed into a fresh tree pit; its new home:Dolores Park - palm tree in place in new pit