Mission Dolores Park – Construction Updates and Vandalism Reports

Construction at Mission Dolores Park is still moving ahead, despite the recent vandalism to the construction site during the weekend of February 14. The vandalism caused about $100,000 in damage and will likely delay the reopening of the north side of the park. The majority of the damage was incurred when the vandals hot-wired the construction equipment and drove across the newly installed turf and concrete, damaging the equipment, the new grass lawn, and portions of newly-placed concrete that hadn’t fully cured. The vandals broke portions of the irrigation system, crashed into building and site walls, and started a fire in the new maintenance yard.  Two arrests were made by the San Francisco Police Department. The contractor is still assessing the damage and the ramifications to the project’s schedule.

The project is moving ahead, despite this interruption, and important highlights include:

  • The North Restroom is 99% complete – new toilets, sinks, and hand dryers have all be installed. Providing new and larger restrooms was one of the most important goals of the project and we are excited to have realized this.
  • The clubhouse started demolition this week, and will last about 1 month. The construction fences have shifted in order to include a safe and secure perimeter around the building during this demolition.
  • The Operations Building is complete and the Rec and Park team is moving in.
  • The final stretches of pathways will be paved in the next 1-2 weeks.
  • The site lighting is almost complete, and site signs and furnishings are starting to be installed.

Below are a few photos showing the recent improvements to the park & the vandalism, including the new multi-use court, newly finished pathways, and how the tire tracks have destroyed the new turf sod.

Dolores Park - multi use court construction progress

Dolores Park - path between basketball and tennis courtsDolores Park - tire tracks in new sod