Mission Dolores Park Construction Updates

Happy New Year everyone!  It’s been a little while since our last post, so we have a lot of updates to share. Despite the heavy rains in December, the contractor is moving ahead with the project.  The Operations & Maintenance building is almost complete, with our operations team planning to move in come mid-February.  Here’s a look at the new maintenance yard:

Dolores Park Maintenance Yard from aboveThe sports courts are all well-defined now and the lights are installed. Here are two photos showing the tennis courts and new multi-use court:Dolores Park Tennis Courts with lightsDolores Park Multi-Use Cout under constructionThe central path bisecting the new tennis courts has been paved and soon will receive the same concrete paver bands that are across the entire project:

Dolores Park - path between tennis courtsAnd finally, a recent photo of the new restroom building.  The orange panels are a waterproofing layer that will be hidden under the final architectural treatment.  Dolores Park North Restroom with waterproofing