Mid-July Implementation Set for Twin Peaks Figure 8 Pilot Project

Photorendering of pilot project circulation change

Thank you for your continued interest in the Twin Peaks Figure 8 Redesign Project. This project, a joint effort of the SFMTA and Rec and Park Departments, seeks to create better connectivity within the Twin Peaks trail system, improve pedestrian and bicycle access, and provide a defined connection to the Bay Area Ridge Trail.

The City is hoping to make significant long-term investments to one of San Francisco’s most popular parks and thank all of you who have attended community meetings and provided your feedback during the last year or so.

The SFMTA Board of Directors approved temporary transportation changes at their hearing on Tuesday, April 19th. Starting in mid-July, this Pilot Project will use temporary materials to reallocate a portion of the existing roadway from vehicle use to pedestrian and bicycle use, as shown below.

Please click here for an FAQ sheet developed for the Pilot Project and SFMTA-MTAB Twin Peaks Pilot Presentation ACCESSIBLE.

Roadway Redesign Graphic

This Pilot project allows San Francisco residents and visitors to experience this new configuration to help us better consider permanent changes to the Twin Peaks Figure 8. Once the Pilot is open, we will post an online survey and schedule further opportunities for feedback. At the same time, the Project Team will study how these changes affect transportation and parking around the park and adjacent neighborhoods.

Thank you for your continued participation in this exciting opportunity in one of San Francisco’s most iconic parks. We will be in touch in the coming months as we develop a longer term design for this area.