McLaren Trail Connector Project Hazardous Trees Posted Ahead of Removal

As we finalize the bid/award process, we are gearing up for the McLaren Trail Connector Project.  Ten trees assessed as being hazardous by an independent arborist consultant will be removed as part of the trail gateway enhancement project.  Five trees at the Persia Ave trail entry and picnic area  and 2 at the Vis Ave Fire Road gate were posted today. Three additional trees will be removed from the Campbell Ave entry.  Tree work will happen on or after March 26, 2014, and a biological consultant will be hired to survey all trees prior to removal to ensure no active bird nesting.  Additional trees will be pruned to mitigate hazard to park users.

The McLaren Park Trail Connector Project will include planting of the following:

  • Approximately 25 new trees;
  • Approximately 900 new shrubs and perennials; and
  • Approximately 5,000 square feet of native flower seed mix

We anticipate that the contractor will be mobilizing to begin this work by late March/ early April.  Stay tuned for more updates!