McLaren Park Trail Improvements Project Next Steps

Thank you to all who participated in the McLaren Park vision planning process.  You can find the final Vision Plan report by clicking here.

4 priority project areas and best management practices were developed as part of the Vision Plan, which was approved by the Rec and Park Commission in November 2017:

The four priority project areas and associated proposed scopes include the following:


  • Clarify trail alignments and wayfinding between
    points of interest, such as the amphitheater and
    group picnic and playground area
  • Repair trail surface erosion damage
  • Improve drainage to minimize future erosion
  • Convert trail impacting the creek to a spur trail with overlook and consolidate trails to increase connectivity
  • Habitat restoration planting
  • Wayfinding and interpretive signage


  • Reconfigure asphalt path with steps to more sustainable multi-use trail that meets ADA
  • Outdoor Accessibility guidelines
  • Consolidate and reroute trails to reduce erosion and maintain or improve the grasslands
  • Wayfinding signage


  • New multi-use trail from park entry at Visitacion and Hahn to Visitacion Valley Middle School, along eastern side of road, with stabilized trail surface (sandy area)
  • Habitat restoration planting
  • New sidewalk from the middle school to the fire
    road trail entry
  • Wayfinding and interpretive signage


  • New crosswalk at Shelley to connect to path
    and trails on west side
  • Replace asphalt path and steps with a sustainable natural surface trail with less steps
  • Mitigate drainage problems
  • Habitat restoration planting
  • Repair paving on ramp south of reservoir and accommodate bicycles
  • Wayfinding signage

The design team will be picking up with concept design development for the McLaren Trails Improvement Project by early 2019 and then will review more detailed design for the project with the community prior to presenting to the Recreation and Park Commission for approval.

Thank you for your patience and please stay tuned for more updates.