MANSELL STREET CORRIDOR IMPROVEMENTS UPDATE – Roadwork improvements to begin, vehicular access to be maintained – traffic routing info below

Hi folks,

I am so glad so many of you were able to come to the ground breaking and to the update I provided at the December 8th, at the Crocker Amazon Park Monthly meeting.

As you may have seen, the construction has started – some early elements have started on Mansell  (some signage, landscape clearing work and staging).  Depending on weather, very shortly we hope you will see more of the work get fully underway.

 As previously stated, throughout the project, vehicular access from one end of the park to the other and all bus lines will be maintained. Stops may be relocated as needed. Starting shortly, as discussed at the update meeting in December, depending on weather, we will be rerouting some traffic onto Brazil in order to do the work on the Persia portion of Mansell. Please see the below diagram.

 For more info on the project, which will include many improvements including the repaving of Mansell, new sidewalks, new  bike lanes,  new landscaping and safer pedestrian crossing and bus stops see the below link:

 I will also be posting updates on the blog.

 Again, please feel free to reach out to me by email or phone if you have questions!

 Hope everyone had a great new year!

Mansell Improvements Construction Traffic Routing Flyer 1.4.2015