Mansell Street Corridor Improvements Update: Good News! Work to start later this year!

Hi Everyone,

The final project was bid and the bids are now back and we hope to start construction in  November, depending on the speed of contract certification.

As a review, this project will make major improvements to the Mansell Corridor through the park. It will provide protected pedestrian paths and bikelanes throughout the length of Mansell. It will also repave and improve the road for vehicular and public transit access, provide crosswalks, signage and other amenities. The project design is available on the Mansell webpage, viewable here:  The design is the same as we have posted online last fall, and we presented  at the same time (October 14, 2015). As you may know, Improvements to Mansell for pedestrian, transit and bike safety were among the most prioritized in the 2010 McLaren Needs Assessment Report. Additionally, the road is in poor shape, and this project would provide repaving of the roadways for all vehicles as well.

The project is valued at over $6.8 Million and as discussed at the meeting on October 14, 2015, it was anticipated that up to $400,000 of the 2012 McLaren Bond Funds would be needed to fund the project. We have determined that $300,000 (less than the earlier anticipated $400,000) will be needed to match the over $6 Million dollars in State and Federal Grants and other transportation funds this project received.

RPD staff will be asking the Rec Park Commission for approval of the award of contract in October, hoping to begin construction in November depending on the speed of certification of contract and contractor mobilization.

If you have any additional feedback or questions on this contract, please contact Karen Mauney-Brodek, project manager, at 415-575-5601.

Thank you!