Lincoln Park Steps Improvement Project

So much has happened at the end of California Street’s gateway to Lincoln Park. The artwork at the top of the stairs, completed in 2011, now cascades in full color down the 57 steps entering the park, a beautiful transition from street. No longer will pedestrians run through these steps without contemplating the intricate work showcased on each step.

The past few months several partnering contractors shared ideas, worked elbow to elbow, dodged wind, rain, fog and hot sun to build a successful project. The work, 90% complete, consisted of:

  • –Preparing the concrete surfaces to receive new tiles. The steps were cleaned, cut, patched, and a special substrate was installed to absorb potential cracking on each step.
  • –Patching the pillars and benches to receive a similar treatment, each one shaped to align with the tile design envisioned by the Friends of Lincoln Park and the artist.
  • –Installation of handrails and new top and bottom landings.

What’s left?

Installation of the top level concrete path and finishing details at each of the eight pillars which will take several weeks.

Thank you for your patience and stay tuned for an opening late spring.

Below are photos of the development this past winter…..