Limited Temporary Trail Closures at Glen Canyon

"Box" steps recently installed in Glen Canyon

You may have noticed some beautiful new “box” steps ascending the more gradually sloped side of the saddle area in Glen Canyon.  Our contractor is also finishing up a new switchback trail to help folks access the top of the rocks.  This work is being funded through the California State Habitat Conservation Fund Program and precedes other trail improvements, which are funded through the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond.

We have posted signs in the canyon to inform folks that we are closing 2 trail segments during the construction of new “stringer” steps on the steep face of the saddle area; the steep section itself as well as the segment of trail that runs along the bottom of the rocks from the base of the steep section back to the base of the steps that were just completed.

Park users will still be able to access the boulders and can use the Islais Creek trail to bypass the closure as well.  The trail closures are to ensure the safety of the public while heavy materials are moved and construction is underway. All segments should be open for use by early March.

Thank you for your patience as we work to improve our parks!