Lafayette Park Renovation Update

Bauman Landscape Construction is working diligently toward a late spring park opening.  Recent dry weather has been instrumental in keeping us on schedule.  Large sections of the landscape are now in place, allowing plenty of time for plants to grow.  Installation of the sewer tie-ins will mean the site drainage system is now fully functional.  In February work crews will shift their focus to the construction of the children’s play area.

Last weekend a section of fence was vandalized allowing individuals to enter the park.  While sections of the park landscape may appear complete, I must stress that this is still an active construction zone.  It is important that the perimeter fence be maintained to provide a safety buffer between the public and the construction activities that will be going on within its boundary. Just because a fence section is down, or you don’t see construction activities going on at the moment, it does not mean it is safe to enter the site.  In addition, while the new lawn and new plantings may appear lush, they are still struggling to become established.  It takes at least 3 months for sod to take root.   People and dogs walking and laying on the lawn prematurely are extremely destructive and could ultimately result in its failure to thrive (potentially delaying the park opening).

If you witness acts of vandalism to the construction fence, or see people inside the construction zone, please contact Park Patrol at (415) 242-6390.

To report breaks in the fence, please call (415) 447-4800.   

Please help keep Lafayette Park safe.