Kimbell Playground Renovation

During and immediately following rain events, you may have noticed small pools of standing water in the low area of the two meadows at Kimbell Playground.

The SFPUC requires that new projects retain rainwater within the project/property boundaries to relieve the storm water/sewer drainage system; therefore, the two meadows were contoured to eliminate irrigation runoff and capture precious rain water.  These areas are designed to dissipate within approximately 24 hours. A small section may remain soggy for longer periods. We are monitoring these bioswales and if needed these areas may evolve to provide additional habitat opportunities typically found in wetter areas.

As in any park turf area, if you find the soil saturated in these low lying areas, please avoid entry to keep soils draining and undamaged.

Below are links to the SF Public Utilities Commission website providing additional information regarding stormwater guidelines and SF Groundwater Supply Project.