Kimbell Playground Renovation-update 10/2014

10/14 View of playground looking east

10/14 View of playground looking east

Walk the perimeter of the construction site for a glimpse of:

Building: The plumbing and electrical work in the building are about 40% completed. The new door frames are being installed. The roof is completely sealed in case of early rain…..the sky is already misting this week.

Playground: The playground boundaries are in place and several of the play structures are being assembled to install their foundation.

Sidewalk: Street tree removal and pruning will start on October 20 and continue through mid December.

Sports Field: The field is open for the duration of construction; however, for safety, there may be intermittent closures of certain entrances. The entrances from Pierce and Ellis Streets and Steiner at O’Farrell (a new entrance) will always be open. Currently, the entrance from Pierce and O’Farrell is open.