Kimbell Playground Construction Update December 2014

Kimbell Construction_Northeast side of playground

You know the best part about rain??? We get to see where the water flows and make adjustments……

Building: We sealed the building before the first rain last month. The plumbing and electrical work in the building is about 80% completed. The doors are already installed and painted. The exterior is looking sharp with new neutral colors.

Kimbell Construction_New Restroom Paint

Playground: The playground structures are already installed in their foundations. The play area is already outlined by the new black metal fence, installed earlier this month. Preparations are in place to install the safety surface at the end of the project.

Kimbell Construction_view of new playground equipment

Sidewalk: Street tree removal and pruning was mostly completed in November.. A new sidewalk along Pierce Street was finished early December and several tree wells were created to receive new trees. Tree planting will take place next year.

Kimbell Construction_New sidewalk to playground

Sports Field: The field is open for the duration of construction. The entrance on Steiner at O’Farrell Street, a new and permanent entrance,  will always be open. Pierce and Ellis Streets entrance, which had intermittent closures, will now be open through the end of construction.