Kezar Track_ update January 2015

Thank you so much for being patient with us during the renovation of Kezar Stadium and Track.  We are pleased to inform you that substantial portions of the renovation is complete however, due to recent rains and wind storms, there have been some delays in the construction schedule.  At this time, new trench drains, sub base work, drinking fountains, sand pits,  D-Zone and  asphalt paving, have been completed. The Mondo Track installation is scheduled to follow after the asphalt paving has fully cured (it must cure for month before the track is installed).  We are expecting to re-open Kezar Stadium and Track to the public by early March, 2015.

 Again, thank you for being patient with us, and please contact  Toks Ajike @ 415-581-2543  at any time should you have any questions.