Juri Commons Design Heading to Rec & Park Commission

We are excited that with the community’s robust input we have arrived at a design concept that is both responsive and exciting to the variety of neighbors and community park users.  You can see the latest design and presentation materials on the right hand side of this page (scroll down and look for 7/31/2018 under “DOCUMENTS & MATERIALS”)

Our next step will be to present the design concept to our Commission for approval in September.  If you are excited about the design and want to help move the project on to its next phase, please consider one of these ways to show your support before our hearing on Sept 5, 2018:

**   Write a letter

**   Send an email (to me at reuben.schwartz@sfgov.org) before 8/23

**   Call or email your D8 Supervisor: Rafael.Mandelman@sfgov.org

**   SPEAK at a HEARING:

       —    Rec & Park Commission Capital Committee.  This is where most discussion happens.

                 Wed Sept 5, 2pm

       —    Rec & Park Commission (full)

                 Thu Sept 20, 10am