Joe DiMaggio Playground – Design Update

Thanks again to everyone who came out to provide feedback on the conceptual design at our community meetings this summer.  Our team is on track with the schedule outlined at the community presentations and just completed design development this past month.  This phase allows our team to evaluate code, cost, and feasibility implications of design elements, as well as your previous feedback on the functionality of individual elements in the overall park design.  As part of this process, we took another look at the proposed ramp entrance at Greenwich/Powell at the Southeast corner of the park.  Striking this entry from the project scope would reduce the impact on programmed sports activity at that court by increasing play area for softball and roller soccer, while eliminating potential conflict from errant fly balls or wayward soccer balls.  In addition, supervision and site control for parents within the park would be improved with the reduced number of exit points and ‘shortcuts’ by non-park users.  We reviewed this change with the Mayor’s Office of Disability and the DPW access coordinator.  Two accessible entrances will still be provided at the east and west ends of Lombard, in addition to the new entry promenade at the south of the park off Columbus (at the former Mason Street.) Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.