Joe DiMaggio Playground – construction notices

Joe DiMaggio - duck play piece

We are fast approaching the start of construction at the park.  The contractor is preparing their final paperwork now and we are slated to start construction mid-January. Park closure notices & tree removal signs were posted recently at the park. Large banners with additional information will be hung in early January – these banners will stay up through the duration of the construction project.  A huge congratulations to all of you who worked so hard to get to this point!

As construction progresses, you can stay up to date by reading this blog.  I’ll be posting regularly with updates and construction photos.

And finally, a few neighbors have contacted Rec & Park directly regarding the rocking/bouncy duck play piece in the toddler’s playground.  It mysteriously disappeared when the play area reopened (near the end of the library demolition project).  Rec & Park staff did not remove the item, and we’ve now identified that the duck was stolen.  Even though we will soon have a new playground, we are very frustrated by this act of vandalism – the park system incurs over one million dollars of damage and theft annually.  Our staff cannot patrol the site 24 hours a day, so we look to our neighbors to be the eyes on our parks.  If you know anything about the duck, please contact the Project Manager.  If you see any future vandalism, please call 311 immediately to report it.