Joe DiMaggio Playground – Construction Advisory

Under Construction Sign

Hello Neighbors,

The contractor has a few advisories regarding the construction site over the next few weeks:

1.  Mason Street Promenade closure: in preparation of construction of the old Mason Street portion of the site, the contractor will place temporary fencing along the two ends of the current pathway & detour pedestrians around the library. Access to the library will remain – library patrons can still enter the building from the eastern entrance (across from the old bocce courts). The fences will be placed beginning Wednesday May 13th and will remain until the end of construction.

2. Demolition of the old Mason Street paving and stairs: this operation will begin immediately after the fences are in place.  Please be aware that demolition can be loud, please bear with us while this important construction milestone is occurring.

3. Shotcrete of Tennis Court Walls:  shotcrete is a type of concrete that is blown into place, instead of poured. Please be aware that shotcrete placement can be loud. We currently expect this activity to occur during the week of May 18th.