Joe DiMaggio Playground – Almost There!

save the date! image

Dear Neighbors,

It’s been awhile since my last post, but things are moving along quickly out at the park.  I am pleased to announce that the Rec & Park Department is throwing a grand opening event on Saturday, November 14th!  Save the Date! I will post the event details later this month.

In the meantime, while the project looks more complete every day, there are still many items to complete in the next month and the contractor will be busy to meet our opening date. Some of the major items include: installing site furniture and athletic equipment on the multi-use court, painting the exterior walls, finishing the multi-use court’s surface, and installing the fencing and new athletic lights.

One of the most important items on our list is the curing of the multi-use court surfacing. The curing process takes 2 weeks, during which no one can use the court. The site may look complete at this time, but please do not enter the site – it will only cause further delays and costs to the project.

Here are a few recent photos from the construction site to keep you excited about our progress:

Joe DiMaggio PG - view from play terraceJoe DiMaggio PG - fish play elementJoe DiMaggio - multi-use court asphalt