San Francisco Recreation and Park Planning Unit Internship Opportunity

Moscone Playground Construction Worker

Job Description

The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department is seeking part-time interns for Summer 2018 through Summer 2019.  If you are interested, please apply online via the SF:

This is a citywide recruitment process. To be considered for this internship opportunity with Rec and Park, you must select Rec and Park as one of your preferred departments.

We are looking for graduate student candidates or GIS students who will have at least another 9 months of schooling when they begin in summer 2018, so students who are in their first or second semester when they apply.

Questions:  email Janice Perez
Application period:  Applications due February 14, 2018
Starting Salary: $27.5375 per hour
Internship period:  Summer 2018 to Summer 2019.  Interns are eligible to work part-time for 6-months post-graduation/after they stop taking classes.
Time commitment:  A minimum of two days (16-20) hours per week during the school year, up to four days (32 hours) per week during the summer months. Maximum of 1040 hours in a year.

SF Rec & Park description of internship main responsibilities:

  1. Perform site review, research, and data analysis, and preparation of reports related to property acquisition, park and recreation improvement projects and natural resources.
  2. Prepare presentations and staff reports to citizen advisory groups and the Recreation and Park Commission; assist project manager at community meetings; conduct user intercept surveys.
  3. Prepare informational and analytical maps using ArcGIS software and the Adobe Creative Suite.
  4. Analysis of existing and proposed open spaces and population growth impacts.
  5. Assist planning staff with review, analysis and preparation as needed for Planning Department documents, such as California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) reviews and SF Planning Dept Certificates of Appropriateness (CoA) for projects impacting Recreation and Park facilities.
  6. Evaluation of shadow impact studies for Proposition K (SF’s “Sunlight Ordinance”) analysis and preparation of reports with recommendations for Commission consideration.
  7. Assist in grant applications through grant writing, policy and environmental sciences research, and graphics preparation.
  8. Monitor and update capital project schedules in Tableau Desktop analytics program.
  9. Basic administrative support including filing, ordering supplies, receiving mail, data entry, word processing, creating spreadsheets, and other administrative tasks.
To apply for this position:
    San Francisco Recreation and Park Planning Unit Internship Opportunity
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