“Invisible Reflections: A Narrative of Six Monuments” Starts June 18

Robert Minervini's "Invisible Reflections: A Narrative of Six Monuments"

Art Show at McLaren Lodge Reveals Forgotten Histories of Park Monuments  

Local artist Robert Minervini will bring his six original paintings from his popular Art on Market Street Poster Series, Invisible Reflections: A Narrative of Six Monuments, to McLaren Lodge, June 18 through August 14. Commissioned by the San Francisco Arts Commission, the series investigates the intersection of nature and culture by showcasing six very different monuments from the City’s Civic Art Collection: the John McLaren statue (ca. 1944), Portals of the Past (1909), the Sara B. Cooper Memorial (1939), The Ball Thrower (1889), Poeme de la Vigne (1877-1878) and the William McKinley Memorial (1904). The paintings are unified through the use of silkscreened line work, in which the artist hints at overlooked details, inspiring the public to look more inquisitively at the monuments and their surroundings. According to the artist, “The city’s history is written on its layered architecture, public and private spaces, and the monuments are part of this story.”

Viewing Hours: M-F, 9 am-5 pm