International Volunteers at Alvord Lake

Alvord Lake Task Force

On the morning of July 27, Haight-Ashbury neighbors returned to the eastern-most edge of Golden Gate Park for a volunteer workparty at Alvord Lake.  “Although it was foggy and many of the blossoms have now gone, it was a particularly peaceful and beautiful time in this magical spot,” remarked Susan Strolis, the leader of the Alvord Lake Task Force.  “There were tall and dense elm suckers lining the edge of Alvord Lake and weeds were sprouting in the rock wall lining the path. It was a daunting task, but many hands made light work and by our break time, the difference made was outstanding.  Three new volunteers showed up to help the reliable crew of ‘regulars.’ It was particularly touching that two visitors from Beijing, China decided to donate their time and energy to help.”