Inside Scoop – Local – Kenson Morris

KENSON MORRIS has been taking swim lessons with San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department since he was 4 years old. He has been though all the Red Cross levels 1 through 6. Kenson is now 6 yrs old and has 3 USA swimming meets under his belt. With each meet Kenson has come home with either 1st or 2nd place ribbons.

Kenson’s recent triumphs and ambition are the direct result of Hamilton’s and all of San Francisco’s pool facilities successful Aquatics Programs. Kenson’s future is bright as he keeps working hard to make it to the Far Western’s and Junior Olympics. “I know he will get there. As I work with him, I see the internal ambition. Kenson’s ability to come to Hamilton pool at 6:00 a.m. before school and swim has many of us at Hamilton saying “Wow”!
-Al Hardy, Aquatic Program Coordinator, SFRPD

Here are some words from Kenson Himself:

SFRPD: “Why do you love swimming so much?”

Kenson: “I think it’s cool!”

SFRPD: “Other than swimming what else do you like to do?”

Kenson: “I like to play chess, basketball, golf, soccer, lacrosse and practice Chinese with my father and grandmother.”

SFRPD: “What is your favorite stroke?”

Kenson: “Freestyle, but I like them all”.