India Basin Waterfront Parks Design Ideas Competition

Shoreline bird at India Basin Natural Areas

Dear Design Community:

Interested parties are invited to submit qualifications for a selection process which will result in design ideas competition for two India Basin properties, 900 Innes and India Basin Shoreline Park. This is a unique opportunity to design a 21st century legacy park in a partly wild, post-industrial, 140-year old historic San Francisco Bay waterfront context, with an emphasis on public access, social equity, recreation, resiliency and habitat.

Participating Landscape Architecture Firms must meet the following minimum requirements –

  1. Have demonstrated expertise with:
    • Coastal Waterfront and Wetlands
    • Outdoor Recreation and Waterfront Access
    • Contaminated Properties
    • Historic Preservation
    • Multijurisdictional Sites
  2. Have worked on projects with a budget greater than $20 million
  3. Be committed to a team that includes LBE /MBE/WBE
  4. Demonstrate capacity to complete the project

Letters of Interest are due October 26, 2015. Please see attached RFQ for more information.

Thanks so much; we hope you’ll consider this special opportunity.

Best regards,

Nicole Avril
Project Director, Capital Partnerships
San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department