How is the lawn at Upper Douglass Dog Park?

Repairing the seams

How long are the roots now?

About 20% of the lawn has 3/4″ roots. Although it can still be pulled up, the sod is increasingly becoming harder to tug without damage to the delicate roots.

It wasn’t hard for a raccoon family to dig along the seams of approximately 100 linear feet of sod in search of worms. Not even the nighttime watering schedule could deterred these nocturnal critters from their tasty treat.

We expect that this week will mark the turning point in our evening battle. The irrigation will be slightly reduced forcing the roots to reach slightly deeper and bind even tighter to the soil. It may deter those critters from finding more grub.

On another note, a few ‘fence jumpers’ removed the lock, entered the park then left foot prints in the lawn, dog toys and even a filled dog bag. Please be mindful and stay out of the construction zone, giving the lawn ample time to grow strong.