Hoorah! We are almost ready to open the Garden.

New Garden Plots

As some of you may have seen walking past the garden, construction is close to complete. The garden will combine demonstration gardens, programming and workshops, a native plant nursery and materials/tool distribution, etc. with a combination of individual and shared plots, all of which will provide an invaluable resource for urban agriculture in the city.

Individual vs. Shared Garden Plots

  • Individual plots will be assigned to one person.
  • Shared plots will be assigned to teams of at least 4 gardeners.
  • The garden has a total of 33 individual plots and 34 shared plots allowing us to accommodate a minimum of 169 gardeners (see plot allocation plan and plot size distribution). We will be able to accommodate more than 169 people if shared plot gardeners form teams with more than 4 teammates.

Garden Plot Lottery

Because there are almost 300 people on the waitlist for a plot, we decided that a lottery would be the fairest way to allocate plots. The lottery will work somewhat like a college dorm lottery where everyone will be assigned a number, which will determine in what order you will be able to choose plots. Shared plot team members can use the highest ranking lottery number of the team members to choose their plot.

Shared-Plot Gardeners Networking Event

This networking event will be open to those people who indicated that they would like to be part of a shared plot and need to find a team to garden with. Eligible people will receive an email with further information about the event.

Garden Opening

We are set to finish with phase 1 by mid to late August and open the garden for planting in September. At that time we will hold a community event that will be open to the public after which the garden will be ready for planting. 

For questions about the plot allocation strategy or to add yourself to the waiting list send an email to: GGPCG@sfgov.org or call 415-575-5602.