Hoodline: ‘Flower Piano’ Exhibit Brings 12 Playable Pianos To Golden Gate Park Botanical Garden

Pianos in Botanical Garden

Stroll through Golden Gate Park’s Botanical Garden today, and you might happen upon something a little out of the ordinary: 12 pianos have been placed throughout the garden. They’re intended for anyone to play, and over the next 12 days, both scheduled and impromptu concerts will fill the garden. The art installation is called Flower Piano, and it’s part of an ongoing project, Sunset Piano, from musician-artists Mauro ffortissimo and Dean Mermell.

Sunset Piano began in 2013 when ffortissimo (his adopted name) brought an old, donated piano out to the bluffs over Half Moon Bay, where he lives. “What he likes to say is that he was playing for the whales,” said Mermell. People photographed and took videos of the unusual sight, sharing it on social media; news crews even drove out to the bluffs to document the scene.

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