Hilltop (Sundial) Park

Construction is progressing and the vision for Hilltop Park is coming to life. For months the site looked messy due to all the subsurface work and now the distinguishing site features, throughout the park, are taking shape. How exciting!

So what happened in the past few months?

February-March focused on demolition and subsurface work. Failing trees were removed per the recommendation of a certified arborist, obsolete features were off-hauled and earth graded to new contours. During these months, the team addressed unforeseen site conditions that were revealed by demolition.

April-May focused on the subsurface utilities and structural foundations which included tasks such as digging the trenches for electrical and plumbing, installing and interconnecting the utility lines and rerouting lines due to unforeseen site conditions.

In June, the final vision started to come to life. The concrete walls were formed and poured for the accessible paths, the seat walls, retaining edges showing us a glimpse of the final product. The skate park builders will begin the final grading creating the concave/convex curves for the exciting ride on wheels.

July—stay tuned for great photos next month!