Hilltop Park Renovation Update: Stay Tuned for Construction to Start in the Fall!

Hi Everyone,

A sincere thank you to the Bayview community and Hilltop Park stakeholders who have given input over the last year and half on the renovation at Hilltop Park. We have completed the design and anticipate to start construction this Fall.

As a refresher, Hilltop Park is 3.58 acre park owned by the City of San Francisco, but in need of a renovation. This project received a grant from the State of California to fund the renovation.  The Trust for Public Land is managing the project, with support from the Recreation and Parks Department. The new park design – based on numerous community workshops, focus groups, an volunteer clean up days – includes two playgrounds, new seating throughout the park, improved ADA accessible pathways, new trails, new picnic area, new adult fitness area, improved lawn, improved sundial plaza, new entry and landscaping, and improved skatepark and viewing/seating area. The park will have a California native and drought tolerant plant palette.

On Wednesday, June 3rd, the Recreation and Park Commission’s Capital Committee reviewed the project and design for the Hilltop Park Renovation Project and funding for the skatepark portion of the project, funded by the Community Opportunity Fund Project.   The hearing went well, and this will now be reviewed and potentially approved on June 18th, at a hearing of the Recreation and Park Commission.  More information on the hearing is available here:  https://sfrecpark.org/about/recreation-park-commission/.

If you have any questions about the project, the Commission hearing, or would like to provide feedback please contact Karen.Mauney-Brodek@sfgov.org  or Trudy Garber at Trudy.garber@tpl.org.

The latest design and other information is available here, on the project’s web page:

Thank you so much for your continued interest in the project!

Karen Mauney-Brodek
(415) 575-5601  |  Karen.Mauney-Brodek@sfgov.org