Helen Diller Playground Construction Activities Update. 08/08/11

Below is a summary of the recent construction activities associated with the Playground Renovation project:

  • The Contractor continues to do rough grading of the site.
  • Excavation for the foundation footings is underway.
  • Trenching and installation of subsurface utilities is in progress.
  • Mock-ups of the boulder retaining walls are being constructed for review and approval by the Landscape Architect.

Below is a forecast of construction activities anticipated in the coming one to two weeks:

  • Rough grading and trenching will continue.
  • The Contractor will begin installation of the rebar for the retaining wall footings.
  • Excavation for the new storm drain will commence.
  • Active irrigation main-lines running within the area of work will be re-routed to outside the fenced area.  This may result in temporary closure of some of lawn area just outside the current fence lines.

    Rough grading in progress at Helen Diller Playground