Health Fair Poster Contest

Health Fair Poster

Prize: Ten posters will be chosen as finalists and the top 3 posters will be displayed in Rec Centers throughout the city.

Prompt: Wellness. What is it and how can we improve in it?

There are so many different areas that comprise our overall health! Which area do you find to be most important or to be a constant struggle? In order to figure this question out, I surveyed our department and gathered responses to form 6 prompts questioning which aspects of wellness are interesting and important to the Recreation and Parks Department. Pick a prompt and create a response with your work! Take this opportunity to create a poster about a topic that you know can help improve the overall health and wellness of yourself and others.

Who is Eligible to participate?

  • Employees of the Recreation and Parks Department and aspiring artists.

Guidelines: Deadline is May 5th for all submissions

  • What needs to be submitted for the contest?
    • The poster (through an emailed image or the physical poster itself)
      • Please submit an image that can be modified to fit 11×17, 16×20, or 19×25 dimensions or submit a poster of about that size.
    • Written description of your submission
      • A little bit about you, or your team: Your division, your job or school, the prompt you chose and why you chose the prompt you did.
      • The dimension of wellness you’re addressing
      • Submit all materials to with the subject line: “Health Fair 2016 Poster Contest Submission.”
    • Evaluation Procedure
      • Wellness Committee will assess all poster submissions and then choose the top ten posters they want to nominate to send up to Phil Ginsburg.
      • Phil Ginsburg will then choose the top 3 whose posters that will be hung in rec centers throughout the city.

Questions?: Contact Sydnee Robinson at or 415.831.2738


Poster Contest Prompts 1-6

Prompt 1: Recreation= Physical Wellness

The Recreation Division looks at improving physical wellness through patience, persistence, and perspiration! They prioritize, treating their body like a temple, and setting goals to maintain their own physical wellness. With the notions of the Recreation Division in mind, how would you portray the idea of maintaining your physical wellness?

Prompt 2: Admin= Emotional Wellness

The Admin Division at Rec and Park looks to maintain their own Emotional Wellness through getting enough laughs in. They tackle stress by having fun whenever they can and making the time to have a good time. How would you portray this method of maintaining emotional wellness?

Prompt 3: Capital Finance and Planning= Financial Wellness

The Capital Finance and Planning Department looks at Financial Wellness as simply part of the whole. It is one aspect that affects the entire outcome. They try to find ways to address multiple problems with one solution. How would you apply this time efficient approach to financial wellness?

Prompt 4: Parks= Spiritual Wellness

Spiritual Wellness can mean many things to many people. In the Parks Division of the Rec and Park Department, some characterize this as their connection to nature and to what surrounds them. They emphasize getting outside and spending time coming to terms with your own surroundings. Others define and maintain this through organized religions, or intellectual pursuits. How would you portray these ideas of Spiritual Wellness?

Prompt 5: Structural Maintenance= Occupational Wellness

To Structural Maintenance, Occupational Wellness looks at the differences between office work and other professions. How do we maintain a sense of purpose and fulfillment? Should we do what we love, or just try to love what we do? How might you communicate this idea visually?

Prompt 6: Public Relations= Social Wellness

Our Public Relations Division was interested in how to maintain Social Wellness. They suggest that having support groups and looking to family in times of crisis are two of the most effective methods to maintaining Social Wellness. How might you portray this idea of Social Wellness?