Guy Place Mini Park News!

The long-anticipated Guy Place Mini Park project is on the move again! The park design, which was approved in 2014, has been adjusted to replace eight of the park’s proposed vine columns with eight multi-trunk birch trees.

These trees will provide canopy coverage with dappled shade over the park. The trees feature a naturally peeling bark and are known for bright golden autumn foliage, which will fall away to allow for winter sun. A California grape, also known for its bright fall color, will be trained on the park’s three vine columns. Shrubs, perennials, and groundcovers throughout the park will offer pollinator-friendly flowers with an emphasis on year-round interest.

Other landscape elements, including granite paving, benches, boulders, perimeter fence, ornamental metal entry gate, and an optional “weeping wall” water feature remain in the design.

A community open house for the South Downtown Activation Plan featuring Guy Place Mini Park will be held on August 2nd from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at 375 Beale Street.

It is anticipated that the project will go out to bid in fall 2017.


Site plan

Birch Concept Page 2

Bird’s eye view of Guy Place Mini Park

Birch Concept Page 5

Seating and gathering space

Birch Concept Page 6

Granite slab with optional “weeping wall” water feature

Heritage Birch Detail

Multi-trunk birch tree

California Grape Fall Color

California grape in autumn