Golden Gate Park Traffic Safety Project

GGP Traffic Safety

Golden Gate Park was identified by Mayor Lee in his August 2016 Executive Directive on Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety as a top priority for improved road safety through expanded traffic calming and traffic restrictions.

We have long strived to make Golden Gate Park safe for bikes and pedestrians. The Recreation and Park Department supported the original creation of Car Free Saturdays and the installation of parking-protected bike lanes.  We have advocated for state legislative changes to reduce speed limits within the park and have fully embraced a variety of other traffic calming measures to reduce speeds and increase safety. We have long supported the reduction of vehicles in the park, particularly those vehicles driving through the park to get someplace else faster. We offer bike rentals and bike racks to facilitate biking throughout the park along with trails and signage supporting off-road pedestrian and bicycle access in the park’s interior.

In partnership with the Mayor’s Office, MTA, the Bike Coalition, Public Works and numerous other park stakeholders, we implemented in 2018 the following traffic GGP calming measures to reduce speeds:

  • 13 raised crosswalks (4 on JFK Drive, 6 on MLK Drive, 1 on Nancy Pelosi Drive, and 1 on Bowling Green Drive);
  • 9 speed humps and 1 speed cushion on JFK Drive;
  • A stop control on JFK Drive at 30th Ave;
  • Added striping treatments to slow turns at two intersections on JFK Drive;
  • Improved striping and markings to deter illegal parking in the JFK Drive parking-protected bike lanes;

Additional work is in the pipeline, including:

  • An island southbound for the left-turn bike lane on 8th Ave between Fulton and JFK; (construction soon).
  • Extension of ‘floating red curbs’ to other areas on JFK’s parking-protected bike lanes;
  • New left-turn lanes from JFK Drive onto 8th Ave and Concourse Drive;
  • A raised crosswalk on JFK Drive at 6th Ave;
  • Additional crosswalk striping, curb ramps;
  • Additional bike racks;
  • Strategies to improve safety and functionality of the parking-protected bike lane on JFK.

We are supportive of broader policy measures to improve bike and pedestrian safety, reduce vehicle traffic, reduce vehicle speeds and create more car-free space in the park.  We are actively discussing these policy goals with the Mayor’s Office, MTA, the Bicycle Coalition, the Mayor’s Disability Council, the park’s flagship cultural institutions —  the Academy of Sciences and the de Young Museum —  and many other park stakeholders.  Our hope is to land on the best plan to improve bike and pedestrian safety, reduce vehicle traffic and speed, and increase car-free space — while still facilitating natural, recreational and cultural access for all.

Project Status Map (4/2/19)

List of Bike Racks in GGP (4/2/19)