Golden Gate Park Oak Woodlands Trails Improvement Project Progress

Oak Woodlands Trail Shot

The originally scoped budget for the Oak Woodlands Trails Improvement Project, as part of the 2008 Bond, was $300,000, with additional support from a Coca‐Cola Bottling Company grant for $94,859.  We’ve learned a great deal about construction methods and cost from previously completed trails projects.  Our trails team has revisited the project scope and budget over the last several months and updated the budget for both construction costs and supporting soft costs. Due to support from stakeholders for this project, and our understanding of the connectivity and multi‐use that this project achieves, as well as the activation and safety impacts, we have recently received approval to increase the project budget from $300,000 to $2 million.

The design documents are approximately 70% complete.  The trails team, having completed the Glen Canyon Trails Improvement Project, and having Twin Peaks Trails Improvement Project Phase 1 out to bid (construction start anticipated January 2017) will be picking back up with this project in early 2017, with the goal of advertising to contractors by summer 2017.

Thank you for your patience, and please stay tuned for additional updates.