Glen Canyon Playground Renovation Update: and Work Planned Elk Street Sidewalk Starting Soon and Monday Oct 28th at Bosworth Entrance

Hi Folks,

The Glen Canyon Playground and Tennis Court Project is moving along, if you see the park now, you will see that the tennis courts and playground are emerging.  In addition, we are finishing the limited work at the Bosworth Entrance (to replace the swing gate, etc.) and along a portion of the connection to the road north of the recreation center where it connects to Alms Road (and the route to Silver Tree) for erosion control and stabilization of that area.   We expect that work to be done at the end of the month.

There have been some questions regarding the work at the dirt road connection to Bosworth.  We are NOT paving that connection, but we are trying to address a long-tem erosion issue near the creek and undermining of the adjacent tree – sometimes called the “owl tree’s” roots.  We are using the natural soil in that area with a natural soil stabilizer it will be like soil, but not erode as much as in the past.  That work will be completed next week.

Also, please note on Monday, October 28th, access by foot via the Bosworth Road Entrance and the connection to Alms Road behind the Recreation Center will not be possible due to work between the hours of 7am-5pm.  The work might be concluded before 5pm.   If you are visiting the park, several entrances will remain open including 1)the steps from Elk Street (above the construction area), 2) the gate on Elk Street near the ball fields, and 2) the steps to the ball fields from Bosworth and many others around the park. On the 14th, like throughout the project, you will continue to be able to access Alms Road by the steps from Elk Street, or from the other entrances via the trail on the west side of the creek.  Remember, there is a bridge at Silvertree where you can cross over the creek.

Additionally, we will be working to improve the new sidewalk and build the new drop off at Elk street, so over the next few weeks, a portion of the Elk Street’s sidewalk on the west side will be closed in front of the construction area at times to allow for this work.  The east side of Elk Street’s sidewalk will remain open.

As you may know, in the course of the construction, we have encountered some unanticipated complications.  We found some of the site’s sewer lines to be full of debris and we determined that we needed to install a new water line, which had not been anticipated.  We are still working to address these utility issues, and I hope to have revised completion dates for the Recreation Center and the park opening soon.  Thank you all for your patience.

Please use this link to find out more info on the project if you have additional questions!

If you have further questions, please contact me at or call me at 415-575-5601.