Geneva Car Barn – Historic Preservation Commission Public Hearing

Phase 1 of scope of work includes the Powerhouse portion of the Geneva Car Barn complex: repair/restoration of the historic brick and concrete siding; repair/restoration of the historic (wood) windows; introduction of contemporary entry doors at the primary (west) façade; roof replacement of non-historic roof; at roof, restoration of the skylight/monitor; and partial site and landscape improvements. Entire scope of work at Geneva Car Barn complex also includes work at the Office Building: repair/restoration of historic brick siding; at portion of north/east façade, replacement of 1906 unfinished tar paper siding with metal siding; repair/restoration of historic wood bays and turret; replacement of non-historic metal roof; repair/restoration of historic wood entry doors; repair/restoration of historic wood windows; and full site and landscape improvements.

Hearing Date: Thursday, November 18, 2015
Time: Not before 12:30 PM
Location: City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place, Rm 400
Case Type: Certificate of Appropriateness
Hearing Body: Historic Preservation Commission

ARCHITECTURAL PLANS: If you are interested in viewing the plans for the proposed project please contact the planner listed below. The plans of the proposed project will also be available one week prior to the hearing through the Planning Commission agenda at:
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Planner: Marcelle Boudreaux Telephone: (415) 575-9140 E-Mail: