Gene Friend Rec Center Concept Design Wrap-up Updates

Community Workshop Images

Thank you for your input over the past few years on the feasibility study and concept design for a brand new Gene Friend Rec Center. Since our last community meeting, the design team has studied the possibility of including a pool with the new rec center. This process was useful and important and led us to determine that a pool at the site is not the best path forward due to the fact that it is likely that a new public pool will be constructed in the neighborhood in the coming years. Further, a pool adds significant cost to the project so to ensure we are able to fund the project we are moving forward with our community-reviewed design which:

  • Replaces the existing facility with a brand new rec center over 1.5 x the size of the existing facility, which will include
    • 2 indoor basketball courts compared to 1 indoor court in existing gym
    • 3 multi-purpose rooms compared to the 1 multi-purpose room / auditorium in existing gym
    • Larger exercise room
    • New kitchen
    • An all new playground, outdoor basketball court, landscaping and other recreation amenities

We are excited to be working to finalize details for this concept design and anticipate convening a community meeting this summer to review our progress since the last community meeting and to discuss our plans for moving the project forward. Feasibility study and concept design are funded by generous private funding, in partnership with the Trust for Public Land. Pending approval of concept design (anticipated by the end of 2018), we also have funding from development impact fees to move into schematic design, design development and construction documents.

While funding for construction has not yet been identified, being further along with design and cost estimating will put us in a better place to secure additional funding, potentially from the next parks bond and other sources.

Thank you for your patience and please stay tuned for more updates!