First Golden Gate Park Oak Woodlands Trail Section to Open Soon!

Trail Segment 19 Near Completion

Our contractor is making steady progress with the Golden Gate Park Oak Woodlands Trail Improvement Project. A previous update here covered the fact that restoration and construction work would occur in stages throughout the Oak Woodlands, that individual trail segments would be closed during work, and that the overall trail network would remain mostly open to accommodate visitor use.

We are happy to report that the contractor is preparing to open one of the trail segments later this week or next week, pending trailside restoration and Rec and Park staff review. Wayfinding sign posts will be installed and placards will be added once printed.  This is the furthest west trail section being renovated as part of this project. It ends at an asphalt path near Bunny Meadow that continues down to 6th Avenue.

This week, the contractor will begin improvements to the Rec and Park green waste transfer area on Conservatory Drive, just east of Arguello Boulevard.Improvements to this area include a better separation of this utility zone from the recreational trail corridor that will be installed adjacent to it, just to the north.

Hazardous tree abatement will continue into September. See separate blog post regarding upcoming road closures:

Oak Woodlands Trail Segment 19, near complete:

Trail Segment Nearly CompletedTrail Segment 19 Near Completion

Oak Woodlands Trail Segment 13 (near intersection of Conservatory Drive and Arguello), alignment prior to Park Tread Installation:

IMG 2173Trail Segment 13 alignment prior to Park Tread InstallationOak Woodlands Trail Section 13 progress photo

For your safety and for the safety of contractor staff, please continue to keep off closed trails. We will post construction progress photos and more detailed updates here as we have them.