First Draft Dolores Park Rehabilitation Plan to be Reviewed and Refined at Thursday, August 25th Workshop

On Thursday, August 25th at 6:30PM in the Mission High School Cafeteria, the Dolores Park project team will present the first draft of the Dolores Park Rehabilitation Plan.   The goal of the session will be to review the draft plan to be sure it captures the desires community members expressed in the first three project workshops.  

The first draft plan will focus on the elements that establish the framework of the rehabilitation project, including improved paths, bathrooms, sports courts, fields and dog play areas.  Over the last four months, community members have deliberated over the design and placement of these elements in workshops, at steering committee meetings and in working committees.  Thursday night will be the first of several opportunities for the entire Dolores Park community to review and refine the emerging park plan that brings these elements together.  At a 5th and 6th workshop in September and October, successively more detailed versions of the plan will be shared for review and refinement. 

If you are interested in the future of Dolores Park, please attend the workshop.  The universally accessible entrance to the workshop is through the Mission High School Cafeteria door on the west side of Dolores St. just north of 18th St.  If you have any questions before the workshop, please contact the project manager, Jake Gilchrist,  at 415-581-2561

If you would like to share ideas or comments before or after the workshop, please visit the project website and download the comment form at  Just click on the “meeting materials” tab, download and fill out the form, and then email it to the project manager at