Failing Playgrounds Task Force Meeting 5 Summary

Meeting 5 – July 29, 2014

Nearing their goal of narrowing down the “potential universe,” the Failing Playgrounds Task Force discussed potential, prioritized lists of children’s play areas at Meeting 5. Each list was created using a different method. Between the three lists, a total of 28 playgrounds remained from the original 50-plus options. The Task Force and members of the public then used these 28 playgrounds to come up with their own lists and Tiers. At the end, eight playgrounds wound up on all of the lists in the activity, showing that we are getting closer to consensus and a final list!

For the next meeting, staff will work on a proposal for a final list that incorporates the Task Force’s direction and site visits. We are excited about this progress and look forward to presenting a proposed final list to be one step closer to more renovated playground in San Francisco!