Failing Playgrounds Meeting #4 Summary

The fourth meeting of the Failing Playgrounds Task Force was held on Wednesday, July 9. Task Force members, members of the public, and RPD staff gathered to discuss data collected to address the priority items voted on in Meeting 3, including demographics, Parks Alliance Report Card Grades, CCA-Treated Wood, and more.

After a review of the data using softare called Tableau and potential options for organizing, ranking, and narrowing down playgrounds in the potential universe, task force members and members of the public split up into groups to experiment with different combinations of criteria to select a Tier 1 of six playgrounds and a Tier 2 of eight playgrounds that could potentially be put on a short-list of children’s play areas to be renovated.

RPD staff is very excited about the great results and questions brought up from the exercise and looking forward to further refining this process in future Task Force Meetings. We hope members of the public will continue to join and participate as their input has been invaluable, as has the experience from the Task Force members!