Failing Playgrounds Meeting #3 Summary

Thanks to the great work to date by the Task Force and the public, the third Failing Playgrounds Task Force meeting introduced the “potential universe” of playgrounds eligible for renovation. Specific elements of RPD playgrounds were discussed, such as further clarification as to what CCA-treated wood is and how it should be handled and what is considered an ADA accessible playground. A discussion began around ranking and prioritizing playgrounds for renovation, acknowledging that this process may set precedence for future renovation decisions extending beyond the 2012 Bond.

A tiered approach was favored over rankings and a top tier of six playgrounds and second tier of eight playgrounds was decided upon based on the amount of funding available and the average cost of a playground renovation. The Task Force and members of the public then voted on the criteria developed in the first meeting to determine which were considered the top priority, which included play value, presence of CCA-treated wood, and “kid-shed” (or park service area). Next, RPD staff will take the top priorities from Meeting 3 and collect the appropriate data for each park in the potential universe.

So far, the participation and support from the Task Force and the public has exceeded our expectations and we encourage all those interested in this work to attend future meetings!