Failing Playgrounds Meeting #1 Summary

The Failing Playgrounds Task Force had its first meeting on Tuesday, April 29. The Task Force is cohosted with the Parks Alliance and is comprised of thoughtful representatives from local and citywide organizations, such as the Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco, Coleman Advocates, Trust for Public Land, San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center, Good Samaritan Family Resource Center, and the San Francisco PTA. This meeting and all future Task Force meetings are open to the public.

The turnout and participation was impressive and helpful in the first meeting. The meeting began with a discussion of why playgrounds are important and how can we make a difference. An overview of the Task Force’s goals, purpose, and schedule led to the question “What additional criteria (beyond physical condition) should we use to prioritize playgrounds for rehabilitation?” A variety of great answers were received from the task force and the public, including utilization, demographics of the surrounding neighborhood, community engagement, proximity to other play space, and many more. RPD staff is very impressed with the level of engagement at the first meeting and looks forward to continuing this important work.