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Guy Place

Guy Place Mini Park is green oasis at the heart of San Francisco’s fastest growing neighborhood. 

Located on Guy Place near the approach to the Bay Bridge and steps from the Transbay Transit Center, the 3,500-square-foot mini park features three defined outdoor spaces, or “rooms,” with lush landscapes and living columns of native California grapevines. Eight river birch and dogwood trees grace the site and a sidewalk bulb-out offers a pet fountain and relief area.

The park also includes “Geologic Ghost,” a waterjet-cut steel fence designed by artist Adriane Colburn, who was inspired by the geology and history of Rincon Hill, which was partially removed in the late 1800s to accommodate the 2nd Street corridor. Colburn used historic maps to reconstruct the topography of the hill, then created a 3-D model to generate the structure of the fence. Its designs were created with attributes of graywacke, a type of sandstone common to the area.

Take a virtual tour of the park here and learn more about the project that made this park possible! 

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