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Beach Chalet Athletic Fields

Situated on the western edge of the park, with the windmills and nearby Ocean Beach providing the perfect backdrop, the Beach Chalet Athletic Fields are the perfect spot to kick the ball around and enjoy soccer.

The Beach Chalet Athletic Fields complex was renovated in 2015 with synthetic turf and lights, tripling the amount of playtime on the fields to more than 14,000 hours annually and dramatically increasing public access. The four synthetic turf fields accommodate a wide range of sports and save about six million gallons of water each year. New facility amenities encourage a safe, family-friendly environment for park visitors.

In 1933 a new field for baseball was constructed near the Beach Chalet to be overseen by Recreation Supervisors Maurice J. Sweeney and Art Kimball. The park commission allocated $5,000 for anew convenience station (toilets) in their April 19, 1933 meeting. Apparently, either as an oversight or budget constraint, an additional $3,000 was allocated in their August 22 meeting of the same year for a dressing room addition. In October the baseball diamond, with permanent backstop, was approved by the commission. In 1939 another addition was made to what became the field house. When soccer was first played here is unknown.

The field’s renovation, debuted on December 12, 2015, and consisted of artificial turf on four soccer fields, spectator seating, and night lighting. Additionally the field house was renovated and the parking lot improved. The $12.2 million cost was funded by a public-private partnership between the City Fields Foundation (brothers Bob, Bill and John Fisher of the Gap clothing company), which contributed $6 million, and the balance was funded by the 2008 Clean and Safe Neighborhood Parks Bond funds.

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