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Alemany Farm

The largest urban farm in San Francisco, Alemany Farm offers everyone the chance to learn where their food comes from, pitch in to help, and take home fresh produce for free! Come get your hands dirty with us!  

Alemany Farm at St. Mary’s Playground is a 3.5-acre site, located on Alemany Boulevard near Ellsworth Street, that is managed under the Recreation and Park Department’s Community Gardens Program. Recreational gardening at Alemany Farm have been recognized for successes in promoting urban agriculture through a communal effort, and also for the opportunities that revolve around gardening, including but not limited to beekeeping, natural landscapes, training and education. However the management model for allotment gardens that is successful for a group of individual gardeners cannot be strictly applied to Alemany Farm, which relies on “one time” volunteers, a diversity of programming, and the involvement of multiple entities. To support the activities at Alemany Farm and to allow existing programs to grow in a coordinated effort that allows existing and future stakeholders to fully participate, the Recreation and Park Department in collaboration with the many stakeholders prepared a management plan for Alemany Farm.

The Alemany Farm Management Plan was approved by the Rec and Park Commission in August 2012. A large component of the Management Plan is the formation of a Community Advisory Committee, or CAC, which is comprised of 8 seats or members plus one representative from the Recreation and Park Department. The CAC meets on the third Tuesday of every month, at 6:30 pm, in the St. Mary’s Recreation Center Auditorium. Meetings are open to the public.

We encourage you to get involved by participating in CAC meetings and making proposals to the CAC, applying to join the Committee when vacancies arise, and getting involved with the various activities at the farm!